Banknote Grading Chart

by Johnny
PR (Poor/Fair)Severe damage due to wear, staining, missing pieces, graffiti and/or holes. May be taped together, have pieces missing.
G (Good)Very much wear. Graffiti on note. Small pieces of the note may be missing.
VG (Very Good)Much wear. Paper is limp. Tears can extend into the design. Staining possible. Discoloration possible. Note still looks presentable.
F (Fine)Considerable wear due to folds from use in circulation. Minor tears to note, not extending into the design. Clear but not bright in appearance. Staple holes but not holes due to folding.
VF (Very Fine)Attractive note, but possible slight dirt or smudging, may have several horizontal and/or vertical folds. Paper remains relatively crisp. No tears, but slight wear to edges and corners is allowable.
EF/XF (Extremely Fine)Banknote with one crease or up to three light folds. Paper still bright and attractive, very slight wear to corners allowed.
AU (About Uncirculated)Banknote that is still bright but has trivial handling damage, i.e. a light center fold (not a crease, which is a break of the fibres of the paper), without rounded corners.
UNC (Uncirculated)Banknote that is bright and has no handling damage, such as folds or creases, nor any cuts, stains, or rounded corners


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